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Reseller Deal Registration Information
Deal Registration Overview (U.S. Resellers Only)
  • Minimum MSRP of $10,000, or more of EN™ series Encore Routers for 3.5% additional discount for deals that qualify.
  • Additional discounts may apply based on volume.
  • Deal registration requires purchase of enCloud™ Enterprise Management Services.
  • Valid for 90 days after written acceptance by Encore Networks.
  • Must be new and verified by Encore Networks, may require a call with Encore and reseller to end user.
  • Encore will email the reseller an acknowledgement of the deal registration status and assign a registration number normally within three (3) business days after receipt of the deal registration application from the reseller, or Encore will request more information if required.
  • Review Deal Registration Terms and Conditions here
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      Required Only for 100 Units or More
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