Updates to enCloud™ and EN™ Series Devices

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For the past few months, we at Encore have been busy improving several aspects of the EN™ Series of products. These improvements include updates to the enCloud™ Enterprise Management System, as well as firmware updates for EN™ Series Routers.

The Dual SIM Version of the EN2000 hardware has been available for some time but firmware series 248 has features specific to Dual SIM.  The Dual SIM EN2000 allows a single device to switch between two different LTE carrier networks with compatible LTE bands when an active SIM from each network is present.  This allows for switching between two carrier networks in case of an outage, lack of coverage, or to avoid data overages.  The enCloud™ has been updated to support the Dual SIM version of the EN2000 by adding the EN2000DS hardware profile.  This profile houses the specific data related to the operation of the EN2000 Dual SIM and allows for rulemaking based on specific Dual SIM parameters and enables remote switching control through enCloud™.  NOTE: Dual SIM versions of EN2000 are currently only available in Europe.

Single SIM versions of EN™ Series routers have also received updated firmware in the 246 series.  Firmware series 246 is the official release for all EN™ Series routers with a Single SIM and functions on the following EN™ Series Routers, EN1000 Cat 1, EN400 Cat M1, and EN2000 Cat 4.  This new firmware corrects bugs and provides new features on both enCloud™ and the GUI interface of the EN™ Series Router.

enCloud™ was also improved to support the new advances made in firmware versions 246 and 248. Both versions of firmware support the following updates made to enCloud™:


  • Selective backup
  • Suspend state
  • Improved Scheduling for Firmware and Configuration file updates
  • New remote-control options for EN™ Series routers
  • Improved readability of graphs
  • New Reports for Usage and Uptime
  • Time Zones for Data plans
  • Value change detection for rules
  • New filtering features
  • Support for the EN2000DS profile for Dual SIM devices

Bug Fixes:

  • SIM ID check to ensure the proper number of digits and support for filler characters
  • Additional descriptors added to several information bubbles

Additional information about the latest enCloud™ updates (2.25) and device firmware versions (246 and 248) can be found in the links below.   The updates to enCloud™ will be deployed on Monday, June 4th 2018.  The new device firmware versions will also be available through enCloud™ on this date.



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