Encore Networks Secure On-Premises Enterprise Management System Now Available

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enSite™, the highly Secure Device Management system for Private Networks is part of the growing list of enhancements to Encore’s enCloud™ Enterprise Management System

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Chantilly, VA – June 27, 2018
Encore Networks today announced the launch of the enSite™ Enterprise Management System. enSite™ is a premises-based version of Encore’s enCloud™ Enterprise Management System installable on local servers for enterprises who require on site control of company data. Encore’s EN™ routers, deployed within a private cellular network or other closed networks, can now be managed securely through enSite™.

enSite™ provides secure on-premise management of Encore’s EN™ routers for deployments of any size network from twenty to over twenty thousand routers. With enSite™, IT professionals can configure and monitor their network providing secure management capabilities which until now were only available through enCloud™ over the public Internet. enSite™ allows for the secure transmission and storage of data inside a corporate network while maintaining the ability to manage and update IoT devices.

An increasing number of companies especially in utility, law enforcement, and other public sectors have a need to securely manage mobile assets without exposing them to the risks of the public internet. Through the use of private networks, they are able to keep distributed information safe by restricting access to closed networks and systems. Unfortunately, these closed systems have been unable to benefit from the advances in cloud-based technology without the use of a gateway inside the network that communicates over a VPN tunnel to an off-site third-party vendor’s management platform.

“These enterprises require the same insight and tools provided by cloud technologies to maintain their information systems and ensure maximum effectiveness,” said Brad Pool, Encore Networks Director of New Market Development. “By porting our innovative enCloud system into a locally installable format, we are able to serve the stringent network security needs of those who do the most to make our lives safe and comfortable – those who provide us with energy, power and security.”

Features exclusive to enSite™: 

  • Local hosting, administration and control
  • Server hardware selection
  • Secure control of stored data with built-in backup procedures
  • In person and on-premise support options
  • No out of network communications required

Both enSite™ and enCloud™ provide the following management features:

  • Zero touch deployment for new devices
  • Cellular data usage management for individual and group data plans
  • Restrict or throttle cellular data speeds to prevent overages
  • Uptime, usage and sensor reports
  • Monitor and manage all EN™ routers within a completely closed network
  • No requirement for an external gateway

Mr. Pool continued, “we will continue to serve this market segment with innovative products that allow for maximum mobility without compromising security. Not only because in today’s world it’s required but also because it makes us all safer.”

For more information, contact Encore Networks at 703-318-4325 or email sales@encorenetworks.com


Click here for enSite™ Data Sheet