Updates to enCloud™ Release 3.1

Encore Networks News Release

New Features are coming for all users of the enCloud™ device management system! 

We have added several features that have been requested by users including expanded search options, additional rule conditions for better alerting, and the ability to customize alert email messages for use with ticketing systems.

All of the enCloud™ improvements are supported on all devices with firmware versions 246 (EN-1000™, EN-2000™), 248 (EN-4000™) and above. 


  • Expanded Search features
    • Users can now use the search bar on the devices screen to search MDN (phone number), SIM ID, IP Address, and IMEI fields

  • Rules can now trigger custom email alerts
    • Emails can display hardware parameters and trigger conditions
    • Emails can be personalized
    • Emails can also be parsed by a ticketing system

  • Rule parameters have been added that allow for the monitoring of system conditions including
    • Failure of a configuration or a firmware update and
    • Continuous Device Downtime (up to 48 hours)

  • Contacts can be assigned a time zone so that alerts and notification emails sent are shown in their respective time zones.

  • Rules can be duplicated and will maintain action settings and conditions, making it easier to set up similar rules for different device types

  • API improvements
    • Customer level (Tier 2) users now have access to the API
    • API can now be used to
      • Add devices to enCloud™
      • Assign Device Tasks
      • Assign configuration files to devices

  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple devices using a CSV file upload

  • Improved configuration backup and deployment screens
    • Full or selective backups can be scheduled and run from the same dialog

  • Tables can now be refreshed without losing filters

These updates to enCloud™ will be deployed on July 14th 2019 AT 3 AM Eastern US Time. During this time, devices will be unable to check into enCloud™, and users will be unable to log into enCloud™.  The update will take no more than 30 minutes.

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