Release Notes for enCloud™ Version 3.5

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The Encore team is continuously improving enCloud and enSite device management systems to make managing your EN Series routers easier.  The latest update will be released along with a new device firmware version - 250.00 for the EN1000, EN2000, and EN2000DS (Dual SIM) routers.  enCloud will be updated on January 18, 2020 and the 250.00 firmware will be available through enCloud on the same day.


  • The ability to edit parameters via enCloud without having to log into the device.
  • The ability to connect and log in to remote devices with public dynamic IP addresses or IP addresses behind firewalls using HTTPS.
  • Configuration files contain a firmware version number which will ensure that Config files cannot be installed on incompatible versions of firmware
  • Corrected the possibility where Uptime Reports would not report downtime if the downtime occurred at the beginning or end of the report time frame. 

  • Failure alerts have been added to the firmware and config update process so admins can be notified of an unsuccessful firmware or configuration update attempt.
  • Further error checking on the device ensures that tasks are completed or have failed even after a reboot
  • Multiple device task codes can be completed at once instead of each task being completed at consecutive check ins.  This will speed up the completion of simple device tasks.
    • There are four exceptions to the above, tasks that require a reboot to complete.  
      • Firmware update - 1006
      • Reset to defaults – 1026
      • Config update – 1010
      • Reboot - 1016
    • These tasks are executed in order because If they fail, they will fail all subsequent tasks assigned at the same time.  This condition is known as a HALT

  • All of the above enCloud updates are also included in enSite
  • enSite will now contain an authentication module for use with LDAP or RADIUS services

  • Beginning with version 250.00, firmware versions will be in the following easier to read format AAAAA_AA_AA_XXX.YY.ZZ that will increment sequentially (Ex. 17322_05_00_250.01.02)
    • AAAA_AA_AA_ represents base software 
    • XXX represents a major feature addition.  
    • YY represents a bug fix or minor feature addition.  
    • ZZ represents internal testing versions of code.  
  • 250 Firmware includes a new status code for use with enCloud.  The new status code will denote that a task is supported but that the value entered is invalid which is different than the existing task not supported code
    • 5 – invalid input
      • means the task is supported but the input received is invalid or incorrect 
        • For example, if you enter for LAN IP address
      • A custom error message will also be returned describing what is wrong with the input
    • 3 – task not supported 
      • Means that the task itself is not supported by the device
  • Editable parameters through enCloud are now supported.
  • The ability to connect and log in to remote devices with public dynamic IP addresses or IP addresses behind firewalls using HTTPS is available through enCloud
  • Added a script package for upgrades from legacy versions of firmware (246 and below) to firmware version 250 through enCloud.  
    • These changes keep a device from being mislabeled as a Dual Sim device when it is actually a single sim device
  • Performs error checks to ensure Firmware updates from the previous format to the new format of firmware versions were successful
  • enCloud task responses have been updated to make failure cases more descriptive
  • Added the Signal to Noise Ratio to status screen for EN1000s with supported modules 
  • Added the reboot cause to the status screen
  • Added LTE Band description (EARFCN) to the status page
  • Added support for Quectel EG25-G Sprint CAT4 modules
  • Support for LTE band selection is enabled for the Telit LM960 module 
  • Changed the default MTU parameter to 1500 for all cellular modules except the Sequans modules which have a default of 1360

The enCloud update will take place on 01/18/2020 at 10:00 PM US Eastern Standard time and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Note    For questions about the enCloud or enSite updates please contact Brad Pool at 703-318-4317 or 

For questions about the 250.00 firmware update please contact Encore Tech Support at 703-318-4350