Release Notes for enCloud™ version 3.6 Deployed on: 5/30/20

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Enhancements to the Subscription (Billing) section

Changes to this section are in response to several requests to allow a Tier 1 Reseller to assign subscriptions to Tier 2 Customers that have bought subscriptions.  This allows the Tier 1 Reseller to easily assign subscriptions to Customers and also gives the Tier 2 Customer view only visibility into their available subscriptions.

    • The “Billing” section is being renamed the “Subscriptions” section to better reflect the function of this section which is the management of subscriptions.
    • Tier 1 Reseller users can now allocate their subscriptions to a Tier 2 Customer using the “transfer subscription” button. This allows a Tier 1 to allocate subscriptions to a customer who has paid for them but who hasn’t yet deployed them to devices.
    • New filters have been created to allow a Tier 1 Reseller to filter by Tier 2 Customer to see which subscriptions are assigned to individual Tier 2 Customers. These filters affect the entire Month to Date Summary in the subscriptions section.
    • The subscriptions section is now visible to Tier 2 Customer users. Previously it was only visible to Tier 1 Reseller users.
    • Tier 2 Customer users can see subscriptions allocated to them as well as the entire month to date summary for their devices.
    • Tier 2 Customer users can now renew devices using subscriptions assigned to them w/o the intervention of a Tier 1 user.
    • Note: Subscription information (begin and end date) can be displayed at the Tier 2 Customer level on the devices page. This has been in place since release 3.5.
Enhancements to the API

The API continues to be enhanced to allow more information to be pulled from enCloud/enSite into other systems.  The recent API updates will allow a user to determine the success or failure of tasks they may have assigned devices, know when a device triggers an alarm, and also make programming with the API easier.

  • A new API method has been implemented that will return the status of a device task. This builds on the previous ability to send tasks to enCloud/enSite via the API.
  • A new API method has been implemented that will return any alarms associated with a particular device.
  • All new and existing API methods will use Snake Case (word_word) as the standard.  Previously there was a mixture of camel case (wordWord) and Snake case.
Enhancements to Data Plans

Data plan updates have been implemented to make monitoring data usage easier and to accommodate different scenarios.  Tier 1 Data plans allow a Tier 1 Reseller to have devices across all of their Tier 2 Customers on the same data plan.  Data plan assignment of multiple devices means multiple devices can be assigned at the same time instead of one at a time.

    • It is now possible to create Group Data plans at the Tier 1 level. This allows a Tier 1 Reseller user to create a data plan that can contain devices assigned to different Tier 2 Customers. This is useful when a single pooled data plan is used for all of a Tier 1 Reseller’s customers.
    • It is possible to assign multiple devices to the same individual data plan. This is useful when you have several devices that all have the same individual data allotment or if you want to assign multiple devices to the same group data plan.
    • The default time zone of individual data plans will default to the time zone set in the user profile. Previously it has defaulted to GMT.  Note: User profile time zone default is US Eastern (GMT -5).
    • When running a data usage report a user can display both SIM1 and SIM2 data usage on the same report when applicable.
General Enhancements

  • Nag screens in some browsers when using the remote HTTPS remote access feature are resolved by implementing a new domain for remote device access.
  • The ability to search and delete multiple configuration files or firmware files is available under the “Configure Firmware files” and “Configure Configuration files” menus.
For questions about this release or enCloud in general email or call 703-318-4317