Release Notes: enCloud™ Version 3.7 & Router Firmware for EN™ Series Routers Deployed on: August 2, 2020

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API Enhancements

The API continues to be enhanced to allow more information to be pulled from enCloud™ into other systems.  The recent API updates will allow a user to pull historical data about a particular device.

  • A new API method has been added that will return information about a particular device over a specified time frame. For example, return the RSRP and RSRQ parameter values for the device 00A0EB805555 from 10am yesterday to 4pm yesterday
  • The API can now be used to set alerts to Solved or Acknowledged status

NEW Queries Section

The Queries Section is a new feature of enCloud™ that will allow a user to create custom queries to identify devices with certain characteristics.  These queries can then be saved and used to filter the device screen making it easier to access only devices with specific characteristics.

  • The New Queries section can be found on the on the left side menu after logging into enCloud™
  • Queries can be created at the tier 1 or tier 2 level
  • Queries can be used to filter the list of devices on the Device screen

General Enhancements

  • Fixed multiple instances where special characters were displaying in their html form, for example the character for quotation marks ( “ ) would show as "
  • Certain network errors were causing invalid JSON files and keeping devices with network problems from reporting them to enCloud™. This issue has been corrected in both EN2000 Firmware Version 250.09.00 (or later) and EN4000 firmware version 004.00.00 (or later)
  • Config file Version Control is now supported on EN4000 with Firmware version 004.00.00 (or later)
  • LTE Band Selection (EARFCN) can now be assigned via the enCloud™ using the new Band Selection device task
  • The Frequency parameter will be renamed Check-in Frequency
  • The Internet facing IP address will be captured for each device when it checks in to enCloud™ and will be displayed in the ip_address parameter.

Enhancements to EN2000 Firmware Version 250.09

  • Corrected a conflict between One Talk QoS settings and other QoS settings for other interfaces
  • Added a task code that will enable or disable One Talk through enCloud™
  • Added the parameter onetalk_enabled to EN2000 devices to show status of One Talk in enCloud™, either enabled or disabled.
  • Corrected an issue where the next check in time would appear as a negative number in certain situations
  • Added support for the Band Selection task code in enCloud™ that allows the user to change the LTE Band used by the Cellular Module

Enhancements to EN4000 with Firmware version 004.00.00

  • The EN4000 firmware has been updated to match the features found in the EN2000 250.09 firmware. For example, Remote access via HTTPS through enCloud™ for devices with dynamic or otherwise non-routable IP addresses, Config file Firmware Version Control and Editable Parameters are now included
  • The EN4000IE industrial router is supported and adds GPS capability,  8+GB memory, and other advancements over the base EN4000 model.
  • Added support for LTE CAT 6
  • Added support for LTE Band 48 (CBRS) and LTE Band 8, generally used in private networks
  • Added Open VPN support
  • Optimized 5Ghz Wifi operation across multiple channels
  • Corrected an issue where the next check in time would appear as a negative number in certain situations
  • The enable QoS task in enCloud™ will automatically create a QoS interface on the router if one wasn’t previously present, removing the requirement for the user to set up the interface manually before being able to use the QoS task code in enCloud™

The enCloud™ update will take place on August 2, 2020 at 2:00 AM US Eastern Standard time and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.  enCloud™ will be unavailable during the upgrade process.

All updates to enCloud™ can also be applied to locally installed versions of enSite™.  The update must be scheduled with the enSite™ administrator and Encore support.

For questions about the enCloud™ updates or to schedule an enSite™ update please contact Brad Pool at 703-318-4317 or