Verizon One TalkSM and Encore Networks

Verizon One TalkSM is the mobile-first phone solution that gives you uninterrupted access to customer, vendors and employee phone calls critical to your bottom line.  You can move calls seamlessly between office and mobile devices using one shared Verizon phone number.  

Encore has teamed with Verizon to provide an optimized One TalkSM solution that provides both optimized voice calling over the Verizon network as well as cellular failover for your voice or data network.

Encore EN-2000™ routers have been preprogrammed with routing, firewall and QoS optimizations designed to leverage the specific strengths of Verizon’s 4G LTE cellular network to ensure the highest quality voice calls using Verizon One TalkSM.  These optimizations can be enabled simply by checking “Enable One Talk Mode” on the EN-2000™ quickstart menu. (See the One TalkSM Demo page for the video instructions)

These optimizations are so easy to implement and so simple to deploy that we have been selected by Verizon to participate in the One TalkSM Demo bundle available through Vienna Channels – ask your Verizon Rep about ordering now.

If you have already ordered the Vienna Channels One TalkSM +EN-2000™ demo kit and would like to view the video setup instructions click the demo button below to go to our One TalkSM Demo page.

See the One Talk℠ Demo

If you would like to purchase a Verizon One Talk Phone System or order the One Talk℠ + EN-2000™ demo kit, please email us directly at and we would be happy to connect you to the appropriate Verizon sales rep or data team specialist.

Find out more about Verizon One TalkSM at Verizon's official One TalkSM page

For more information about how Encore optimizes their routers to function with One TalkSM download our One TalkSM + EN-2000™ Datasheet.

For One TalkSM integration, installation and whiteboard design considerations we recommend leveraging our Strategic Alliance Partner SOVA to review your specific business requirements.