EN-2000™ Industrial



The Encore Networks EN-2000™ Industrial Router (IR) is a high performance low-cost broadband router designed for Ethernet and LTE Cellular networks. Built for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), this compact IP M2M router provides license free IPsec, VPN, Firewall, Ethernet, Legacy Serial and IP interworking. The EN-2000™ can service the needs of mission critical communications of both complex SCADA applications and simple Machineto-Machine (M2M) applications. The EN-2000™ IR supports mission critical communications and control found in harsh environments on the industrial plant floor, electrical grid, water treatment, waste plants, and alternative energy sites. The EN-2000™ IR can connect directly to Legacy Serial based RTU, PLC and Sensors or newer equipment that is Ethernet based to communicate directly to one or multiple back office SCADA systems. Providing high-availability in both fixed broadband networks connectivity; DSL, cable, MPLS Ethernet or highspeed 4G LTE connection. The EN-2000™ IR router is ruggedized operating from -30c to +75c with a flexible powering option from 9 to 27 VDC or AC power. Native Modbus and other industrial protocols are supported for seamless ease an integration into back office operations.

The EN-2000™ can also operate as a stand-alone 4G LTE cellular solution to support sub-station, grid infrastructure, remote monitoring points and more. With the high speeds offered by 4G LTE cellular and low latency critical SCADA connectivity can be accomplished without traditional terrestrial connections. This makes the EN-2000™ an ideal choice for increasing equipment visibility, adding new services, to increasing the industrial intelligence of your network.

Exceptional Features at a Reasonable Price

The EN™ Series of cellular routers provides powerful features at a value price. The EN-2000™ is the flagship of this series and offers exceptional value. All the EN™ Series routers come with a three-year hardware warranty, an intuitive GUI interface, built-in Firewall, VPN support and advanced IP features including DMNR, GRE, and IPsec.

In addition, all of the EN™ Series routers can be monitored and managed with Encore’s Enterprise Management System enCloud™. enCloud™ offers many features that will make managing your entire network of EN™ Series routers easier, including Cellular data limit enforcement for individual devices and group data plans, included firmware updates, no touch deployment for new hardware, and reseller and customer tiers to assist in delivering managed network services for multiple customers.

EN-2000™ Industrial Applications
  • M2M
  • Legacy RTU, PLC & Sensor to Ethernet/LTE
  • Video Surveillance
  • Industrial Plant Floor Remote Monitoring
  • Distributed Network
Standard Features
  • Supports both wireless and wired transport
  • License free, VPN, DMNR, GRE, IPsec & Layer 4 Firewall
  • Modbus
  • Two Ethernet ports, either LAN/LAN or WAN/LAN
  • Small Footprint, Low Power Consumption, DIN Rail Mountable
  • Enhanced traffic grooming using QoS
  • Data Traffic types can be assigned to specific links, IP addresses
  • One RS-232 and One RS-485 interface for legacy equipment

Specifications subject to change without notice

Printable EN-2000™ Industrial Data Sheet