Reseller Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Opportunity size must be a MSRP of $10,000, or more on Encore EN™ series routers.

  • Hardware deal registration requires purchase of a like number of enCloud™ Enterprise Management Service subscriptions.

  • Reseller must register the opportunity at least 10 business days prior to the projected close date.

  • The end-user opportunity must be NEW to Encore, not an existing Encore end user and not in the Encore sales forecast at the time of registration.

  • The Reseller must be the source of the lead, not Encore.

  • One deal registration discount per opportunity for all EN™ routers.

  • Registration will be approved within 3 business days, unless additional information is required prior to registration determination.

  • Deals of over 100 units require a joint call with customer, reseller and Encore unless waived by Encore.

  • Deal registration requires verifiable proof, i.e., customer email, proof of concept results, or customer call.

  • In the case of multiple registration submissions during the review period Encore will make the determination as to the most qualified reseller.

  • All commitments must be in writing.

  • If deal registration request is received after a RFP/RFQ to multiple resellers, no deal registration will be issued. Resellers must register deals before RFP/RFQ is in the public domain. Exceptions may be made for Resellers that were commercially involved in proof of concept testing before the RFP/RFQ AND were first to register after the RFQ was issued.

  • Encore reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel any deal registration for reasonable cause, i.e., Reseller bidding a competing technology in the same opportunity.

  • Deals with special pricing are not eligible.

  • If a Reseller casually finds out about a deal that another Reseller is working (for example in the proof of concept phase) and that Reseller registers the deal but has no commercially viable customer contact, or cannot provide evidence of value-add to support the opportunity as determined by Encore, deal registration may be terminated at Encore’s discretion.