International Site-to-Multi-Site Virtual Private Network Solution

The Situation
International carriers and global enterprise customers are looking for solutions to help them migrate from expensive private lines and legacy networks to secure broadband IP networks.

The Challenge

  • Global enterprise customers want to implement cost-effective methods for reducing Information Technology (IT) capital and operating expenditures. They hope to do this by leveraging the global IP infrastructure to provide secure connectivity to remote locations world-wide.
  • International carriers require a cost-effective, secure IP solution that is easy to deploy and manage.
  • Global enterprise customers want to maintain a high level of Virtual Private Network (VPN) service reliability and availability that provides 24 x 7 protection for their IT and intranet assets.
  • Enterprise IT operators need reliable tools to remotely control user access and to manage limited bandwidth.
  • Both international carriers and global enterprise customers want to simplify VPN network roll-out by reducing the number of deployed network elements, without compromising the quality of operation and service.

The Solution
The Encore Networks BANDIT™ IP+Legacy VPN product line offers international carriers and global customers a streamlined, one-box alternative to other multi-vendor solutions on the market today. With its ELIOS™ operating system, built-in dual serial ports, IP routing, IPSec (IP security) VPN functionality, dynamic stateful inspection firewall, legacy protocol support, and internal dial backup modem, the BANDIT™ enables international carriers and global customers to quickly and inexpensively tap into markets where VPN solutions over broadband IP networks are the order of the day.

The multi-function BANDIT™ includes such a comprehensive set of features and flexible physical interfaces, that it replaces the need to deploy the multiple products normally required to provide FRAD, IP router, IP+Legacy VPN gateway, and dial backup modem functions. The result is a streamlined, cost-effective network that is easy to set up, operate, and maintain.

Key Features

  • IPSec encryption standards compliance that allows secure VPN access between the corporate LAN and the remote offices
  • Interoperates with other IPSec clients and switching appliances
  • Interconnects with existing legacy networks — such as X.25, SNA, bisync, and BPS — over IP
  • Supports up to 100 VPN tunnels
  • Single platform ELIOS™ operating system that integrates a stateful inspection firewall with IP filtering, Network Address Translation (NAT), RIP V1/V1, and DHCP
  • Includes a DMZ LAN port for access to the public Internet
  • Hardware-accelerated VPN capability that enables fast DES and 3DES encryption
  • Ensures “always on” connectivity via a built-in V.90 modem for dial backup
  • Provides network management capabilities via telnet or supervisory port for remote access to configuration, diagnostics, and management tools
  • Provides guaranteed SNMP trap delivery that alerts operators to Quality of Service (QoS) events and network outages

Network Configuration

International Network

The Encore Networks BANDIT™ product line is the best solution on the market today for international carrier and global customers who want to build secure broadband IP networks. Its strong price/performance/functionality ratio makes it a winner when compared with other VPN solutions in the same class.

  • It is a one-box solution that consolidates several networking functions — FRAD, IP router, VPN gateway, and dial backup modem.
  • It enables a Cap and Grow strategy for a smooth migration path from private lines to secure, standards-based IP broadband networks.
  • It is an ideal site-to-multi-site solution that can support up to 100 remote connections.
  • The standard, built-in V.90 modem ensures high service availability.
  • No additional software licensing fees are charged for VPN tunnel support.
  • Plug-and-play capability and extensive diagnostic tools simplify deployment, maintenance, and network management.

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