IP+Legacy VPN Host Gateway Solution

The Situation
Carriers and customers in the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market are seeking an IP+Legacy Virtual Private Network (VPN) host gateway solution for their networks that will allow them to interface with existing embedded legacy hosts and front-end processors, while preserving capital expenses and reducing operational costs. At the same time, they plan to implement a graceful migration strategy that will enable them to consolidate multiple applications over less expensive broadband IP VPN networks.

The Challenge

  • Many carrier and enterprise networks in the travel, banking, lottery, utility, and satellite markets have invested in legacy equipment — e.g., remote terminals, cluster-controllers and front-end processors — which would be cost-prohibitive to replace or to upgrade to IP.
  • The goal is to lower overall capital and operational expenses by consolidating access transport and combining voice, VPN, and data applications over a shared, broadband, packet-based transport.
  • Enterprise IT operators are looking for ways to improve network availability and security, as well as simplifying remote management.

The Solution
The combination of a high density, 12-port serial module; the ability to terminate hundreds of remote locations over secure IPsec tunnels; and support for a wide range of legacy protocols, makes the Encore Networks BANDIT-Plus™ an ideal IP+Legacy VPN host gateway solution that allows legacy applications to smoothly migrate from leased circuits (analog or digital) to a packet-based (frame relay), IP, and broadband VPN infrastructure. With the BANDIT-Plus™, Encore Networks offers an end-to-end IP VPN+Legacy solution that satisfies the requirements of the SME enterprise market.

  • The BANDIT-Plus™ includes built-in support for IP routing, a dynamic stateful firewall, and IPSec VPN capability, with the ability to terminate hundreds of remote locations.
  • The 19” rackmountable BANDIT-Plus™ includes two Ethernet ports for use as LAN and WAN interfaces. Serial interfaces support dozens of legacy protocols, including ALC, X.25, and SNA over V.35, X.21, or RS-232.
  • An expansion slot supports a variety of modules with physical interfaces such as 56/64 kbps DSU, T1/E1 CSU, Ethernet, or a second serial interface. In addition, a two-port T1/E1 CSU expansion module with “drop and insert” capability allows any part of a T1/E1 access line to connect to a PBX. The total package enables integration of TDM voice, data, and VPN applications over a single network facility.
  • The built-in modem may be used as the primary WAN link, dial backup, or as a dial-in maintenance port.

Key Product Features

  • Protection of Intranet assets via comprehensive, built-in stateful firewall
  • High performance termination of 100s of IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Ability to terminate digital voice trunks
  • Smooth migration of legacy applications to IP VPN
  • Worry-free protection of data and management functions via IPSec encryption
  • Support for many types of legacy protocols
  • Integration of stateful inspection and dynamic firewall capabilities
  • Runs on the proven ELIOS™ operating system

Network Configuration

Encore Networks has a complete line of BANDIT™ VPN gateway products: the standard BANDIT™, the BANDIT-IP™ for IP-only applications, and the BANDIT-Plus™ for larger legacy-based networks. The BANDIT-Plus™ provides carriers and enterprise customers with compelling solutions for migrating legacy networks to a packet-based infrastructure.

  • Supports a comprehensive list of legacy protocols in use by different vertical markets, such as travel, banking, lottery, utility, and satellite
  • Includes built-in support for IPSec VPNs, dynamic stateful firewall protection, and IP routing
  • Improves network reliability and redundancy through fail-over and backup routing
  • Eases network deployment and improves remote management and support via plug & play capabilities over the single platform ELIOS™ operating system
  • Provides end-to-end IP+Legacy VPN solutions

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