Next Generation, Multi-Service Integrated Solution for the Retail Industry

The Situation
Today’s typical retail network supports many different types of applications, such as Point of Sale (POS) terminals, voice key systems or PBXs, routers for Internet access, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances for secure corporate Intranet access. And typically, these applications are supported by an assortment of different carriers and service providers. The goal of the Retail Industry is to find ways to reduce overall transport costs, to simplify billing, and to streamline operations.

The Challenge

  • To avoid the high cost of a system upgrade, network managers want to leverage existing installed base of voice PBXs, legacy POS terminals, and other equipment while implementing a graceful migration to an IP-based network. In addition, they want to:
  • Reduce transport costs by consolidating carrier services in use and moving towards broadband access technologies.
  • Increase network visibility, while dramatically improving manageability, availability, and survivability.
  • Provide a secure foundation for transmitting electronic transactions over the public IP infrastructure.
  • Introduce a reliable, cost-effective method for remote support and management that will reduce high operational costs.

The Solution
Encore Networks’ BANDIT-Plus™ — a purpose-built, multi-service IP+Legacy VPN device that easily consolidates multiple services and applications over its single platform ELIOS™ operating system — is an ideal product for the Retail Industry.

The versatile BANDIT-Plus™ accommodates voice, data, VPN, and security applications over a single broadband network connection. It also supports TDM voice termination via “drop & insert” functionality, as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) via an Ethernet interface. With IP Quality of Service (QoS) support, the BANDIT-Plus™ identifies, classifies, prioritizes, and tags VoIP traffic. In addition, the BANDIT-Plus™ can seamlessly connect many different legacy PoS terminals, while setting the stage for migration to a broadband IP infrastructure.

The BANDIT-Plus™ features built-in VPN support using IPSec or GRE, IP routing, and stateful inspection. It is a complementary, integrated IP+Legacy VPN solution that enables retail institutions to send financial transactions and other sensitive information over secure, broadband IP network connections.

The BANDIT-Plus’ extensive monitoring capabilities that extend to Layers 1–4 enable network operators to watch for traffic disruptions on all ports. Carriers and enterprise customers can drill down and locate the sources of problems that would be otherwise hidden.

BANDIT-Plus™ Key Product Features

  • Built-in support for IP routing using GRE or IPSec with stateful inspection for VPN
  • Ability to aggregate a large number of remote sites and locations
  • Support of TDM voice termination via drop & insert or VoIP over Ethernet
  • Extensive IP QoS and traffic management features
  • Support for legacy data protocols, such as SDLC, bisync, TC500 Poll Select, polled async, X.25, and others
  • Optional serial T1 CSU or 56/64 kbps DSU for simplified network deployment
  • Higher availability via built-in dial backup and service fail-over
  • Agnostic to broadband access technologies (DSL, cable, satellite)

Network Configuration

Encore Networks offers compelling solutions for migrating retail networks from legacy to packet-based networks:

  • Reduces transport costs by consolidating applications over a single carrier and migrating networks to a broadband IP infrastructure
  • Supports legacy protocols, such as TC500 Poll Select, bisync, and X.25 for seamless connections over existing equipment
  • Offers investment protection for existing installed bases of PBXs, routers/FRADs, and POS terminals
  • Provides enhanced security via built-in IPSec or GRE VPN and stateful inspection
  • Streamlines operations via superior built-in diagnostic, troubleshooting, and remote management capabilities over the proven ELIOS™ operating system

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