Optimized VPN Solution for Satellite Networks

The Situation

The inherent architecture of satellite networks causes significant and unavoidable end-to-end propagation delays ranging between 350 and 500 msecs that negatively impact overall network performance. These delays present a technical challenge to Satellite Network Operators (SNOs) who want to leverage existing networks and capital investments while at the same time offering their global enterprise customers additional high-margin, value-added services, such as high speed Internet access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability.

The Challenge
  • SNOs need to optimize their network design to improve overall performance.
  • Satellite network architecture needs to better handle applications that tend to be compromised by long latency times — applications such as mission-critical, delay-sensitive, and bandwidth-intensive.
  • Operators of legacy networks want operations to flow faster and more efficiently. Improved methods for remote access, centralized monitoring, and management are features they seek to streamline their process.
  • Encryption over satellite links needs to be improved so that enterprise customers' demands for end-to-end security can be met.
The Solution

Encore Networks has been working very closely with SNOs to provide VPN solutions that meet the stringent performance requirements of today's satellite networks. The BANDIT™ IP+Legacy product meets or exceeds all of these requirements. The BANDIT™ includes built-in software support for interoperability with the enhanced link protocols SNOs are currently implementing over their satellite networks. The BANDIT™ provides the enhancements required to optimize satellite networks with the following application-specific features:

  • Enabling interoperability with satellite link protocols
  • Providing encryption support at both the network and application layers
  • Offering an easy way to manage VSAT terminals through an alternate in-band access method
  • Classifying and prioritizing different types of IP traffic
Key Product Features
  • Economical solution for providing VPN solutions over satellite networks
  • Compact design enables easy co-location with VSAT terminals
  • Interoperable with satellite link protocols
  • Includes robust security features, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewall, and encryption
  • Supports legacy enterprise data protocols over IP, such as SNA, SDLC, bisync, X.25, and others
  • Supports both in-band and out-of-band access for network management via the powerful ELIOS™ operating system
Network Configuration

Encore Networks offers several attractive value propositions for satellite networks with its BANDIT™ IP+Legacy solution:

  • A smooth migration strategy for existing global enterprise customers to receive next-generation, high margin, valueadded satellite network services
  • Optimized architecture that meets the unique performance characteristics of today's satellite networks
  • Built-in V.90 modem that ensures higher service availability
  • Comprehensive, built-in troubleshooting and diagnostic tools
  • Easy plug and play installation via the proven ELIOS™ operating system
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