Secure Broadband Access for Remote and Branch Offices

The Situation
Enterprise customers are currently using expensive private line services and point-to-point links to interconnect corporate headquarters with their remote and branch office locations.

The Challenge

  • Enterprise customers want to streamline their networks with secure broadband connections over public data networks for access to remote locations.
  • Enterprise customers want to collapse their multiple overlay networks for voice and data over a single, outsourced network that their carriers can easily operate and support.
  • As migration to public data networks takes place, security for enterprise customers is becoming a top priority for protection of IT assets and remote access to corporate Intranets.
  • Enterprise IT operators need tools to remotely control user access and to manage limited bandwidth.
  • An alternate access method is required in the event of network outages, to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Corporations want to provide tools to help their employees manage their workloads, to enhance productivity and overall quality of life.

The Solution 
The Encore Networks BANDIT™, featuring the ELIOS™ operating system, provides enterprise customers and carriers with a secure broadband access networking solution that satisfies today’s rigorous requirements while ensuring the ability to meet future requirements. With built-in features including dynamic stateful inspection firewall, IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN), IP routing, support for legacy data protocols, and dial backup, the BANDIT™ enables the safe and cost effective migration of corporate networks to IP-based service offerings — without compromising the security of important data, and network performance and flexibility.

Key Features

  • Strong price/performance/functionality ratio when compared to other VPN solutions in its class
  • IPSec compliance, allowing secure VPN access between the corporate network and remote offices; interoperable with other IPSec clients and switching appliances
  • Support for VPN tunnel initiation, pass-through, multiplexing, switching, and termination on up to 30 tunnels
  • ELIOS™ operating system, which integrates stateful inspection firewall with IP filtering, NAT, RIP V1/V2, and DHCP
  • DMZ LAN port for public Internet access
  • Hardware-accelerated VPN that enables fast DES and 3DES encryption
  • Built-in V.90 modem for dial backup to ensure always-on connectivity
  • Network management via telnet or supervisory port for in-band/out-of-band remote access to configuration, diagnostics, and management tools
  • Guaranteed SNMP trap delivery that alerts operators to Quality of Service (QoS) events and network outages

Network Configuration

Broadband Network

Encore Networks offers several attractive value propositions with its BANDIT™ secure broadband solution:

  • Strong price/performance/functionality ratio when compared to other VPN solutions in its class
  • Investment protection is ensured — the BANDIT™ meets both today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.
  • VPN tunneling and security keep corporate network data private
  • The standard, built-in V.90 modem ensures high service availability
  • No additional software licensing fees are charged for VPN tunnel support
  • Plug-and-play capability and extensive diagnostic tools simplify deployment and maintenance

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