Smooth Migration of Legacy Data Applications to IP

The Situation
Legacy enterprise network vendors are seeking cost-effective solutions to facilitate a smooth migration of legacy networks to IP-based applications.

The Challenge

  • Operators of legacy networks want to reduce their operational costs while at the same time supporting incremental applications.
  • To keep up with emerging technologies, operators of legacy networks recognize that migration of existing hosts and remote controllers to IP-based applications is essential; however, they want to achieve this goal gracefully by minimizing complexity and keeping resource use low.
  • Operators of legacy networks want operations to flow faster and more efficiently. Improved methods for remote access, centralized monitoring, and management are features they seek to streamline their process.
  • Improved service reliability is a high priority. Networks require effective dial backup solution alternatives to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

The Solution
The Encore Networks BANDIT™ is the ideal solution for migrating legacy data networks to IP-based infrastructures. Both carriers and enterprise customers can leverage existing installations while developing and implementing a smooth migration strategy for moving their networks to a standards-based IP solution. With built-in features that include support for legacy protocols such as X.25, SDLC, ALC, and async, a comprehensive set of network management tools, and dial backup, the BANDIT™ enables the safe and cost effective migration of legacy networks to IP applications — easily and cost-effectively.

Key Features

  • Support for a comprehensive list of legacy data protocols that meet the requirements of key vertical market segments, such as the transportation, banking, and health industries
  • Easy-to-implement “Cap and Grow” strategy
  • Cost effective solution that leverages the existing installation base
  • Plug and play features and extensive SNMP capabilities that simplify deployment and management over the single platform ELIOS™ operating system
  • Flexible network interface options — Ethernet, serial, T1/E1/56–64 kpbs CSU/DSU — that enable IP, Frame Relay, and X.25 connectivity
  • Network management via telnet or supervisory port for remote access to configuration, diagnostics, and management tools
  • Built-in V.90 modem for dial backup to ensure always-on connectivity

Network Configuration

Network Configuration

Encore Networks offers several attractive value propositions with its BANDIT™ secure broadband solution:

  • A strong cost/feature/performance ratio makes the BANDIT™ a very cost effective solution.
  • Investment protection is ensured — the BANDIT™ meets both today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.
  • A smooth migration path takes legacy data networks to an IP-based infrastructure.
  • The standard, built-in V.90 modem ensures high service availability.
  • No additional software licensing fees are charged for Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel support.
  • Plug-and-play capability and extensive diagnostic tools simplify deployment and maintenance.

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