Avoid costly machine failures by reducing latency and making decisions in real time

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) enables our clients to respond rapidly when seconds are critical to protect assets and business continuity. Computing is done at or near the source of the data where it is being gathered instead of at a central location, which could be thousands of miles away.

Benefits of multi-access edge computing include:

  • Faster response time by eliminating latency
  • Real-time decision making
  • Improved performance by reducing overall traffic loads
  • Enhanced security
  • Optimized data flow to reduce operational costs
  • Reduced data redundancy
  • Greater reliability

Multi-access edge computing diminishes the need for higher bandwidth connections, which are not always available in all services areas, such as remote industrial plants or oil and gas refineries.

Older equipment, and even some newer equipment, in a SCADA does not collect all data needed to keep a business protected from unforeseen equipment failures. With MEC comes the ability to add additional sensors to collect unmonitored data and compute to feed seamlessly into the back office.

Something else we’d like to highlight, an intelligent edge is able to maximize the data bandwidth usage of industrial protocols that transmit data with no relevant value by only transmitting when there is a value of change. For example if the temperature reading is always 100° F, there is no reason to continually send this reading unless there is a change that moves outside of its set parameter, for example 105° F. QoS can be implemented granularly based upon the data being collected from the device.

MEC also enables the running of 3rd party API software for enhanced data mining and AI, with the ability to process data natively into multiple back office formats.

Is edge computing a good fit for your business? At Encore Networks, we have implemented many edge computing solutions for our clients. We have over 20 years of experience in providing 5G, 4G LTE & CBRS wireless and broadband solutions to our clients and would love the opportunity to discuss how we can best provide value to your organization. Contact us today to discuss further.