EN™ Routers Support Private LTE

Private LTE Networks Are Becoming An Increasingly Viable Alternative To Public Wireless Carriers

New Product

enSite™ is a premises-based version of Encore’s enCloud™ Enterprise Management System installable on local servers for enterprises who require on site control of company data. Encore’s EN™ routers, deployed within a private cellular network or other closed networks, can now be managed securely through enSite™ without the need for an external connection to an offsite service.

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The Power of enCloud™

“The enCloud™ allows the user to view and manage their entire deployment of EN™ series routers. The platform includes configuration control, near real-time monitoring, cellular data control, automated deployment for new devices, and robust alerts and communications systems. One central location allows for small and medium sized companies to act as very large companies when managing large, diverse fleets of routers. The enCloud™ from Encore allows your business to stay connected.”

– Brad Pool, Director New Market Development

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Encore Networks Powers City of Stockholm’s Smart & Connected Lightening Project

Induo delivered the hardware solution featuring Encore Networks EN4000-IE and enCloud. 

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Verizon One TalkSM and Encore Networks

Encore combines the voice optimization and cellular failover capabilities of the EN-2000TM with Verizon One TalkSM to provide crystal clear voice calls when using a 4G LTE connection.



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