Understanding the many benefits of long-term evolution (LTE) networks for utilities

Private LTE solutions enable organizations to own and operate their network’s infrastructure by promising secure, flexible, and reliable broadband wireless connectivity. This level of resilience and reliability is required for utilities to have full control over their technology. Benefits are multifold and include:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved connectivity
  • Full control
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Equipment failure prevention to avoid costly outages
  • Increased security, protecting valuable assets

One of our clients, a nationwide utility provider, requested the installation of a private LTE solution to replace aging wireline infrastructure that was getting increasingly expensive to operate. Safety was also a concern. With cyber security attacks on the rise worldwide, our client needed a solution that was less susceptible to security breaches. Our team seamlessly replaced the analog copper lines with a wireless solution.

The results? Enhanced reliability, improved safety, and a decrease in monthly costs.

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